How to convert previous HTML pages

If you have a number of previously developed pages that form a web site, first thing you need to do is extract one or more templates from them, so that you can render pages through EasyDoesIt using those templates.

Once you got your templates, every single page has to be purged from everything that is not the main content of the page. Tipically you will have a HTML or XHTML page consisting of a header and a body. Inside the body you would have inserted the main content of the page:

<html> <head> [...] </head> <body> <div id="left_column"> <p>Left column content.</p> </div> <h1>Our company</h1> <p>Here is the main content.</p> [...] <div id="right_column"> <p>Right column content.</p> </div> </body> </html>

Once you get rid of all the elements contained in the template, your simplified code should have been reduced to something like this:

<h1>Our company</h1> <p>Here is the main content.</p> [...]

Then you save the file as a page: '~/pages/', and you can access it like or (if you do not make use of Apache rewrite module).

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