Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you plan to include feature X on the next EasyDoesIt release?

The short answer is no, whatever feature X is. We develop EasyDoesIt as we need new features for the development of new web sites, and even so, we want to include a new feature only if we think the feature is good for a wide base of common small web sites, not a particular one.

Besides, since we developed EasyDoesIt with simplicity in mind, we will think twice before adding a new functionality. Otherwise we will find that along time the software becomes bloated with functionalities rarely used, and far from its main goal and philosophy.

How EasyDoesIt compares to Wordpress, Drupal, other CMS software?

It doesn't. EasyDoesIt has simplier goals than Wordpress or Drupal. In purity it is even not a CMS at all, but a micro framework created to help developers of small web sites to maintain a rational and normalized structure in all their web sites, and provide then with a set of basic features. EasyDoesIt has not been created to cover the same segments than the ones covered by conventional CMS software. You may want to use EasyDoesIt for simplier web sites.

How can I set a different template for a particular web page?

Please refere to README.txt file, where you can find an example of this feature. Besides, you can have a look at the distribution 'templates' folder to find living example of it.

How can I be notified of new releases of EasyDoesIt?

At present we are announcing new releases only through our web site and Twitter account (@lazybadgerteam).

How come that you used a badger as logo of your software?

Well, during the time we were working on the core development of EasyDoesIt we ran into some real, wild badgers. Since there is a tradition in open source projects to have their image associated to animals, it seemed the right thing to do.

Does EasyDoesIt comes with search capabilities

No, it doesn't. One of the most important concerns of EasyDoesIt is simplicity and an indexing subsystem will ruin it. However you can make use of Google Search to get this same result, just hacking a little with a search form and knowing a little about Google Search parameters. You can try it at this same web site (upper right corner) and find how to do it here.

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