About Us

Tarsis.net SL

Our company, Tarsis.net is a Spanish consultancy firm, specialized on helping small and medium companies to make the best from their Internet services. That includes consultancy on Internet business solutions or on-line marketing, just to name a few. Our company has been in business since 2000, working with companies from all around Europe (well, some times also from the US), like Motorola, Konica Minolta or 3Com. Our personal Internet experience goes back even further, to 1989, when only few people had heard about the Internet.

If you own a business and think that the Internet is full of opportunities to make it grow, but don't know how, please drop us a message and we will give you our opinion in return, no strings attached.

Along the years we have profited from the use of hundreds of open source softwares — in fact we run almost completely on open source software — and wanted to give back a little, so we thought offering our own developments to small firms to help them to set a solid Internet presence was a good idea.

Lazy Badger

This is the name chosen for our development team. We are specialized on content publishing and have participated along the years in the development of four proprietary CMS and deep customization of well known pieces of software like Wordpress or Drupal.

You can find us at Twitter: @lazybadgerteam.

Open Source Software

Who we are

We are a Spanish Internet consultancy and agency, helping firms in Europe to leverage the oportunities that Internet offers for their business.

Lazy Badger Team

Lazy Badger

This is our war name regarding open software developing. We have a thing for badgers. You can be up to date about what we are doing by following us on Twitter.