27/04/2015 New version of EasyDoesIt (2.15) has been released and is ready for download. Release notes.

Creating small web sites, in an organized and easy fashion

EasyDoesIt is a micro framework intended for helping developers of small web sites to rationalize development and maintenance processes, yet keeping flexibility to customize on a per-page basis. By creating your web sites with EasyDoesIt you will get important benefits:

  • Scafolding. All your web sites share a common structure, so you know where to find everything.
  • You are provided with a multi-template system for rendering all your pages. No need to re-code every page when you revamp a web site. Change the templates and you are done.
  • You can count on a basic set of features to have you web site working in a very short time, with very little programming knowledge required.
  • You simplify the development and maintenance processes having common and known repositories for your templates, pages and images.
  • EasyDoesIt is friendly with other technologies: you can integrate a huge amount of widgets and other software.
  • Minimal hosting requirements: Just a web server, PHP and file upload access. No database is required.
  • Lightweight footprint. Good for server performance.

Create and deploy like a charm

EasyDoesIt is very easy to install and configure. You just expand the distribution file, configure a few settings and you are done for a basic install. You can also easily adapt current templates just splitting a HTML file an adding a few variables.

Open source. Easy to modify and make it grow your way

EasyDoesIt is an open source project, using PHP. If you are Javascript and/or PHP savvy, you can expand EasyDoesIt to match the requirements of every web site. EasyDoesIt allows you to create your own library of functions, classes and variables, so that they can also be available within every page.

Easy Does It

Creating small web sites, in an organized and easy fashion.

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