Current projects

  • EasyDoesIt. A microframework for quick and organized web site development. Written in PHP and based on text files, it does not require a data base engine to work. Along the years this software has proved to be really helpful to develop, deploy and maintain small web sites in a very short time.
    Status: Active
    Technologies: PHP, HTML.
  • Compartir. This is a minimalistic, self-hosted, Javascript snippet intended to replace sharing icon services like AddThis or ShareThis, which are well-known for the tracking of users.
    Status: Active
    Technologies: Javascript.
  • Domo. We are working on a minimalistic analytics tool to replace Google Analytics for those suspicious of Big Data and the advertisement industry, and privacy-concerned. We are testing it at the moment in real web sites. Its implementation is easy as it should be (just the inclusion of a small Javascript) and makes use of no cookies at all. It is intended for sites with small traffic and can optionally include geolocation capabilities. No MySQL or other database backend needed.
    Status: Active
    Technologies: PHP, Javascript, HTML.
  • Idus. Unix/Linux/MacOS small intrusion detection system (IDS), useful for system administrators and, in particular, for administrators of cloud or VPS servers. It keeps tabs on critical system files using cron and sends a warning upon detection of any change.
    Status: Active
    Technologies: Python, with small bits of PHP.
Open Source Software

Who we are

We are a Spanish Internet consultancy and agency, helping firms in Europe to leverage the oportunities that Internet offers for their business.

Lazy Badger Team

Lazy Badger

This is our war name regarding open software developing. We have a thing for badgers. You can be up to date about what we are doing by following us on Twitter.