Share your web in social networks without leaking the data of your visitors

This is Compartir (Spanish for 'To Share'), a little Javascript snippet for sharing you web content in Social Networks.

The reason why we started this project is we were fed with web tracking. Social networks and sharing services, like AddThis, are well known for tracking any action of the users throughout your navigation. Yes, if you visit a web page with all this little icons and then another and then another one, you have been tracked and they are for sure analyzing every small movement of yours so that they can profile you, selling you through their ads and selling your data to other people. Totally uncool.

The last straw was when news reported on the new technology called Canvas Fingerprinting. This technology is identifying your computer or mobile device never mind if you use different browsers, or where you can be. AddThis is one of the firms using it. That was it! See more here.

We removed AddThis from all our web sites and wrote this tiny piece of Javascript, self-hosted, intended for webmasters not willing to share the data of their visitors with the big nosy businesses.

Please take the time to think that using this kind of services you are feeding a beast that is killing the privacy of your visitors. If Compartir is not sophisticated enough for your web site, then browse the Internet and find a different option, self-host your sharing feature and don't feed the beast any more.

The installation and use of Compartir is quite straightforward. Please read the readme.txt file to be up and running in five minutes.

Current sharing services supported: Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Reddit, Email, RSS, WhatsApp

Tip: You unzip the distribution file at a convinient place in your host, modify only one line of code to match your host URL and insert the following code in your template or web pages:

<script type="text/javascript" src="|facebook|googleplus|linkedin|reddit|email|rss|whatsapp"></script>

Wow! That was fast!

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